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December  26,  2021.  Boxing Day

This year, since the Sunday after Christmas falls on Boxing Day, there will be no Sunday service on 26 December. We note that Sunday services will be held in Ōtautahi at the Village Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church in Cashmere. You can find the times and addresses for those services on the websites of those churches. Each church will provide a good welcome and will be able to explain their Covid containment requirements.

December  25,  2021.  Christmas Day Service - It's a parcel!

Completing our Advent "season of letters", our Christmas Day service takes the theme of "It's a parcel". We reflect on how, while words of love are a victory for the human spirit, God's Word to us came in the form of a person who lived, died and rose for us. The Word of the ages became flesh, and lived among us, full of grace and truth. Mask wearing is required at this service, and if you don't have a vaccination pass, you can listen in to the service from the Knox Centre Hall.

December  24,  2021.  Christmas Eve Service 2021

This year, since, because of Covid, we're still not celebrating communion, our Christmas Eve service will be a bit different. While it won't feature communion, it will still feature favourite carols, candles and our usual welcoming of Christmas at midnight. It's called "This Human Race". Mask wearing is required at this service, and if you don't have a vaccination pass, you can listen in to the service from the Knox Centre Hall.

December  19,  2021.  This Sunday, instead of our usual Nine Lessons and Carols

This year, at the time when our musicians would normally have been preparing anthems and carols for our usual Nine Lessons and Carols service, we were still in "non-singing" mode for Covid. Knowing that Nine Lessons and Carols just wouldn't work if we weren't singing, we started preparing a really interesting alternative service of readings, reflections and musical items called "Dear Theophilus". It's a meditation on Luke's telling of the Christmas story. Since then, of course, we've started singing again - so we've added congregational hymns - just not choir anthems. Having been forced away from our usual tradition, we hope to discover something fresh and spiritually nourishing. Mask wearing is required at this service, and if you don't have a vaccination pass, you can listen in to the service from the Knox Centre Hall.

December  01,  2021.  Knox's Traffic Light System

Kia Ora.

The Knox Council has made decisions about how we're going to work with the government's new "Traffic Light" system coming into force on Friday 3 December. Our decisions have been guided by our desire to make Knox a safe place for people to come to worship. The long and short of it is that we're admitting vaccinated people to the main church area, and setting up facilities for unvaccinated people to listen to the service via an audio feed in the Hall of the Knox Centre. You can read a detailed description of how we see this working by viewing the document posted below. It would be sensible to leave a bit of extra time this Sunday for getting your vaccination document checked. Thank you for your love and patience while we negotiate these new requirements!

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November  06,  2021.  The November pastoral newsletter

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September  06,  2021.  The latest Pastoral Newsletter

Kia Ora Knox community,

Attached is the latest lockdown pastoral newsletter. I hope it finds you well.



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September  03,  2021.  The link for this Sunday's service

Kia Ora Knox Community,

Isn’t it great moving from Level Four to Level Three! It feels like progress.

In terms of how Sunday works, the shift in levels doesn’t make much of a difference. We still can’t meet physically, so will be online again. The link to the service, which will activate at 10:00am on Sunday, is:

You can find the written order of service at:

And if you’d like to attend the ZOOM morning tea, here are the details:

Topic: Knox Church morning tea - 5 September 2021
Time: Sep 5, 2021 11:00 AM Auckland, Wellington

Meeting ID: 963 8721 2468
Passcode: 8hbNDk



August  30,  2021.  This week's pastoral email

Kia Ora Knox community. Here's this week's lockdown pastoral email. It comes with love and with hope that all is safe and well in your bubble.View Document

August  23,  2021.  The latest Pastoral Newsletter

Kia Ora Knox Community,

Here’s the first pastoral newsletter for our second time in lockdown.

Keep safe and well in your bubble; do the right thing; look forward to when we’ll meet together again at Knox.



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August  20,  2021.  Arrangements for Sunday

Kia Ora Knox Community,

I hope you're finding the early days of our second lockdown OK. I've spent them working on producing an online service for Knox, on the basis that we won't be able to gather physically on Sunday. I'm grateful to Daniel, who's produced hymns for us to sing. (Thanks, Daniel!) I've also spent some time wearing a mask and being a good citizen. I've not attended any anti-lockdown protests at the Bridge of Remembrance! I've not seen any need to do any such a thing.

I encourage you to do the right thing and to act in a way that honours love of God and neighbour.

On a Friday morning, when our lock-down situation won't be government-reviewed until Friday afternoon, it's kind of hard to make plans for Sunday. I've needed to make a call. Since community cases are increasing up North, and since I don't imagine we'll move soon from Level Four to anything less, for the moment, than Level Three (where pubic gatherings still are limited to 10 people), I really don't think it would be wise for us to gather this Sunday morning.

So, please don't come to Knox on Sunday morning. There will be no physical service. Instead, follow the link to the online service that Daniel and I have prepared. The link will go live at 10:00am on Sunday 22 August.

Hopefully we'll be able to gather on the following Sunday. If not, as I said in a previous email, we'll look at reactivating our pastoral phone tree and weekly pastoral emails, as well as continuing our online services. In the meantime, let us know if you're feeling like you'd like contact.

Please also remember in your prayers the essential workers who continue to work for us in difficult circumstances.



August  15,  2021.  A new Blower!

An Invitation

The minister and Council of Knox Church, Ōtautahi Christchurch
invite you to join us to celebrate
the installation of a new heart for the Knox organ

Pipe organs are powered by blowers, which push air through the pipes. The old blower at Knox was old and becoming fragile.

Through the generosity of many people,
including John and Dame Ann Hercus, a new blower has been installed. Daniel Cooper, the Knox Organist, says the new blower has transformed the instrument completely.

Three celebratory events are planned for Sunday 15 August:

A special morning service on the theme "the Breath of God"; 10:00am
A celebration morning tea, in the Knox Centre Lounge; 11:00am
A dedication of the blower, in the church; 11:25am

Please join us for all or any of these events.
You can RSVP or (03) 379 2456.