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June  30,  2017.  Mission discernment preparation

From March to June of 2017, about thirty Knox members attended four mission discernment forums, designed to help us plan the first post-quake chapters of our faith community’s life. The document (link below) presents some of the major themes and questions-in-progress that emerged. It is provided to stimulate prayerful thinking prior to our fifth forum: “Wheat from chaff”, during which we will work out what emerging material is important to us and where it might lead us. Please download it, and give particular consideration to the “news stories” and “intentional seeing” material near the end. The last “Spirit-catching” forum is on Sunday 30 July.

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December  20,  2014.  News Items about the new church

Over the last few weeks, the church has featured in some news items. Please click the following links:

· TV3 News 19/12/2014: Christchurch quake survivor restores church organ:

· Press 20/12/2014: Organ music heard again at Knox Church:

· Ollie Wall filming:\


A “Give a Little” page has been set up to cover the rebuild shortfall: