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Image of new look Knox Church

The Knox Church community is excited that the Alun Wilkie designed / Higgs Construction rebuild of our church is nearing completion. The work began in September 2013, seeking to combine heritage restoration (the famous flood-lit wooden pillars and ceiling) with earthquake resistant design, in a community-open, worship-eliciting space. The rebuild has been long and challenging; a continuing challenge is our community's need for fabric-finishing funds.

For more information on the project and how you can help with a donation see this pdf document.

Rebuild News

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December  24,  2014.  First full service 4

Daniel was able to play the completed organ for a service the first time.

December  23,  2014.  First ful service

And the choir sounded great in a cathedral like acoustic.
Note, no carpet.

December  22,  2014.  First full service 2

Including a baptism.

December  21,  2014.  first service 1

On 21 December the first full service was held.

December  20,  2014.  News Items about the new church

Over the last few weeks, the church has featured in some news items. Please click the following links:

· TV3 News 19/12/2014: Christchurch quake survivor restores church organ:

· Press 20/12/2014: Organ music heard again at Knox Church:

· Ollie Wall filming:\


A “Give a Little” page has been set up to cover the rebuild shortfall:

December  19,  2014.  Lights

Thanks to Kevin Cawley, lighting designer we have some pretty fancy lights... This effect is not necessarily going to be the norm but it shows what is possible. Name your colour and we'll see what we can do!

December  18,  2014.  workshop

The "workshop" where pews have been rebuilt from damaged parts.
John Church surveys his handiwork ..or is contemplating what is next...

December  17,  2014.  Organ Pipes

The final appearance of the organ becomes clear. Still much work to be done everywhere..

December  14,  2014.  First sit down 'service".

After our last service in the hall we had a small sit down service in the church. Organ not yet complete but pews fastened down.

December  11,  2014.  Organ

Matthew and Daniel looking very pleased that they heard the organ being played. (not yet fully ready though)

November  21,  2014.  Organ progress

The large wooden pipes have been placed back into their original 1904 position and in their first colour a dark green.

November  20,  2014.  Organ Progress

After one week of organ work it looks like this.

November  07,  2014.  Side rooms

The old side room paneling has been placed back on to the new rooms which now also act as mini "green rooms" with access from the gallery behind. New staining and oiling has given a better finish than before. Vents for the new heating system are specially made in timber.

November  05,  2014.  Cross

The limestone Celtic cross rescued from the rubble of the west gable is now in the new foyer. It will be lit at night.

October  25,  2014.  Heritage Awards

Knox won the Seismic award sponsored by CERES.
Representatives of those involved.
fltr. Alun Wikie, Liz Baxendine,Kris Jolly,John Brouwer,Ron Keating, Ceres representative.

October  24,  2014.  Heritage Awards

This view would make you think that the church was finished.
New north side blinds on show.

October  23,  2014.  Heritage Awards

Knox hosted the 2014 Canterbury Heritage Awards presentations. A view in the semi-finished church.

October  20,  2014.  Service of First Purpose

A Service of First Purpose was held on Sunday morning 19 October.

October  19,  2014.  First "service".

A Service of First Purpose was held in the new church on Sunday morning 19 October.

October  13,  2014.  Victoria Street

October  12,  2014.  Organ end

The scaffolding has been removed from the interior.

October  11,  2014.  panelling

Wainscot panels are being replaced.

October  10,  2014.  south side

south side paving nearly complete.

October  09,  2014.  Ramp

Access ramp at the west end with hole for the old foundation stone.

September  02,  2014.  View form the top.

Knox Council clerk Janet Wilson enjoying the view from the top while holding on tight.

August  19,  2014.  New roof

Working hard on building the new roof.

August  18,  2014.  Views

Great views from the top of the structure.

August  06,  2014.  view toward the organ end

A general view towards the organ end.
Timber framing for the wooden sloping floor on both sides.
Concrete still in the centre to allow vehicles.

August  05,  2014.  Framing of podium.

The framing for the enlarged front podium,

August  04,  2014.  Organ support.

The new steel organ support.

August  03,  2014.  Victoria Street frontage

The shape of the Victoria Street frontage is becoming clear.

August  02,  2014.  cladding

The copper cladding is being fitted.

August  01,  2014.  exterior progress

The Higgs offices have been moved to the front of the knox Centre.

May  30,  2014.  from on high

There is as much scaffolding inside as out.

May  29,  2014.  from on high

There is a good view down Victoria Street.

May  28,  2014.  from on high

The ends of the gable structures are complex.